Lithe thief who thinks every problem can be solved with fire.


Major: Acrobatics, Arcana, Magic(destruction)
Minor: Athletic, Thievery, Stealth


Tseli has orange-red hair, long and tied-back, and stands at five and a half feet tall. She’s strong and wiry from a life spent in frequent danger. She wears a dark leather tunic over rough-spun fabric clothes, and treks across the world in well-worn leather boots. She has a collection of small wooden knives, which are occasionally useful for fighting but more often for tinder. She adores explosions, and setting things on fire comes in close second. She is training her magic skills for just that purpose.

Tseli’s parents were thieves and trained her in their ways. They were eventually caught and put down by society, at which point Tseli left, setting out on her own path and vowing to use her skills for good. Her intentions are positive though they frequently lead to destruction, and in the end, she works for the betterment of humanity most of the time. An avid supporter and collaborator in Tando’s thievery expeditions, she journeys now to steal back the planet.


Invasion! Ayan