Tomb of Maximul

In which the heroes become less stupid

After leaving the tomb of Konrad the party returned to their mysterious friend Bath. Bath was very confused to see them and claimed not to know who they are. After some confusion, Bath realized he had been ‘asleep’ that something must be wrong. He gave the party visions of several locations: a farming village between two forks of a river, the city ruins with the giant sword, a stone mansion surrounded by huts in a forest, a village on a lake with many boats, and the circle village. This seemed to calm him down. He also showed us a path to the south and told us we would find help there.

The party followed the path and found the tomb of Maximul Kaisin, Knight of Clarity. Davith, anxious to see the fabulous stonework, went in first. Maximul was the smartest of the four ancient heroes and prized wisdom and knowledge. His tomb tested the party with a series of puzzles. In the first room there was a series of panels on the door that displayed scenes from different points in unrelated stories. There were also numbered sections of the wall that appeared intended to be drawn upon. The party tried writing the names of heroes on the wall, drawing a picture of the doors opening, and copied images from the door onto the wall. Nevyn decided to draw the story of the party in the four panels: Davith and Nevyn’s meeting, Tseli and Tando’s encounter with the C-people, the party meeting with Bath, and the party emerging from Konrad’s tomb with their treasure. This showed the tomb that the party was able to form a plot of their own, and the doors opened.

In the next room the party found five statures. A slain man, a lady, an older man, a man with a sword, and a man in armor. The party could hear voices when they touched the door or the statues and were asked to name the killer. All statues swore to their innocence and each had an alibi. The party was able to reason out a possible killer, but missed the real solution: the man had committed suicide. The tomb seemed disappointed, but allowed the party to pass to the next room.

In the third room the party was asked to name “My greatest strengths, now and forever. My greatest weaknesses, now and forever.” When Tando placed a token in one of the four nooks he felt compelled to justify his choice. Davith named the Mountains as the greatest strength due to their everlasting nature and as the source of iron. Nevyn said a fortified city was the greatest strength because it could oppose armies. Tando named the royal heir as the greatest weakness as a baby can do nothing for itself. Nevyn also called Nobles as the greatest weakness because their bureaucratic process slows progress. The tomb seemed satisfied by these justifications and allowed the party to pass into the final chamber. There the party found a pair of magic gloves that concealed lock picking tools, a cloak that makes its wearer totally silent, and a map with several locations marked on it. Tando and Tseli took the treasures as they are most helpful to thieves.



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