Welcome to the world of Invasion!

The world was burned to a crisp cinder 60 years ago by horrid invaders from beyond. Life stirs once more, can humanity reclaim their world?

This game has now ended. Feel free to poke about the remains. at our wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

What kind of campaign is this?

Invasion is a RP heavy rules light game, in fact, there are just about no rules. The characters have skills they can improve with game points earned from good RP and campaign participation. These skills allow them abilities beyond the average man, such as telepathy and miraculous cooking.

Wait, isn’t this world a wasteland?

Yeah, so I said the world was burned to a crisp, but a few locations were skipped over. The survivors and their descendents are concentrated in these areas and are slowly spreading out from them. Where there is water the planet heals the fastest, and water ways are corridors of life carved into the otherwise devastated world.

Can I join?

Nope. Sorry, but we’re full right now. And you’re too good for us. And the game is over. The world was saved (sort of), and everyone lived happily ever after (except those that didn’t.)


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