The world of Invasion was once a lush place, filled with people and things of all descriptions. The magic of its youth all but forgotten by the advancement of technology that promised to bring the power of the gods to all men. This was a world transitioning from steamships and sailboats to automobiles and aircraft. A world confident in its own strength and future.

All of this ended one day with the opening of the first Gate. Blue ellipsoids as tall and as wide as a battleship, these Gates opened far and wide. After a single day the Gates had opened to nearly all the fertile and populated regions of the planet, and it was then that the first and greatest of the Enemy appeared.

What people must have thought when the Enemy emerged by their hundreds and then thousands is not known… for no-one who saw it survived. The Enemy set to their grim task immediately and began the wholesale slaughter and burning of a world. Organized resistance managed limited success in the beginning, with a few countries having the good fortune to possess an armed and trained population. The Enemies were powerful and fell, creatures of magic and myth, but they were not bulletproof.

Despite early successes though, the Enemy kept pouring through the Gates, and as one region was sufficiently ‘cleared,’ the Enemy forces would redeploy against the surviving pockets of resistance. It took over ten years for the final defenders to fall, and in that time much of the planet had been reduced to hellish slag, dead and burned. Sentients were always the first targets, but nature herself was fair game, and plants and animals were burned, slaughtered, and uprooted at every opportunity.

As quickly as it started though, the Invasion ended. Every organized pocket of resistance had been cleansed, and much of the world sterilized. One day the Enemy simply began retreating through their Gates leaving behind their weak, wounded, and degenerate in addition to rare pockets of undisturbed wilderness, and even rarer survivors.

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