When the Enemy left the world they left behind those of them considered weak, wounded, or otherwise undesirable. This disparate group is now referred to as daemons, a term that is sometimes used interchangeably with Enemy.

Who are they?

Daemons are an incredibly diverse group of creatures sharing only a past affiliation with the Enemy. Some are enormous, while some are tiny. A few wield mighty magic unknown to the pre-Invasion world while others rely on immense psychic might. Most are fairly mundane if distinctively inhuman in appearance.

Where are they?

Daemons can be found in large numbers throughout the world. Most congregate in fiefdoms under the domination of a powerful Daemon-lord.

What are they?

Opinion is deeply divided on what exactly the daemons really are. Some think they are creatures created by magic, others that they are the demons spoken of in the old religions. The daemons themselves haven’t shared a coherent opinion with anyone lucky enough to escape them.

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