Enter the thieves

Tando and Tseli approach a village of c-people, and decide whether or not it can be stolen. They head into the village after Tseli lights a bush on fire, and they sneak into a hut. They discover an alter and decide to investigate. Tseli starts a small fire, which becomes a giant fireball and the alter appears to flash a vision of a more advanced society before it knocks her unconscious. Tando and Tseli start glowing, and tando determines it is now time to make a break for it. He runs at the altar brandishing tseli, and a light ties them down. The light then sends them to a mountain top after a short converstion. Then on top of the mountain they talk to a 4 legged pyramid who sends them to the inn.

1st Session 7/7/10
Lost and Confused

Nevym and Davith are introduced as Nevym blunders into Noah’s Inn and buys everyone drinks. Nevym shows Noah his mysterious gibberish letter, and is clubbed unconscious and dragged up to the Monastery by Noah and Davith. There Robert hands the letter to William who is very excited, and then takes Nevym in for the night. William informs everyone that the letter is from the future which is why it is all gibberish. Nevym grabs a bag and some potion making supplies while getting people to know him a bit. The following morning Noah and Robert bully Davith and Nevym into joining up to search for Davith’s lost iron mine—a mine that could change the course of history back into humanity’s favor.


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