Tando is a 3rd generation theif who was raised on an overly optimistic view of the world


Major : Acrobatics, Athletics, Bluff
Minor : Thievery, Stealth, Telepathy

Tando is a insanely optimisic theif who is trying to better the world by theivery.


Tando was raised to believe that the reason the invaders left is that we stole their ability to stay. He doesn’t mean that we stole some device of theirs, he thinks we stole their capability to Exist. He doesn’t believe in pessimism, feeling down, or logic. Tando is sure that he knows everything and has the solution to all problems, especially when he doesn’t. Taking a “robin hood”-esque approach to life he steals from those who he thinks are rich and gives to those he thinks are poor. In these hard times that should get him in a lot more trouble than it does, but thanks to his superior bullshitting skills, and the fact that he is a minor telepath (but isn’t aware of that fact), he gets by even when there is no reason he ever should.

Despite his bravado, he was trained by his parents in the arts of acrobatics and theivery, although, since his parents were both 3 foot tall midgets, not all of it came across quite right. He hates wrongdoers and will go out of his

Tando is about 6 foot 2, and generally wears clothing made from leather and a hat made of bark, which he stole from animals and trees respectively. Fiercly loyal to his best friend ,,, they are on currently on a journey to steal back the remains of the planet from the invaders one piece at a time. Tandos last heist was stealing some Drink from the patrons of the tavern and giving it to the bartender because he noticed that the patron tricked the bartender by replacing the cup in his hand with some shiny metal bits.

Tandos growing up story isn’t exactly shrouded in mystery but would you believe it if he told you anyway?


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