The battle of Fort Town

We had barely made it inside the gates of Fort Town when the walls became overgrown with thorny vines. The villagers told us that their bravest hunters and scouts had gone to investigate strange noises in the woods earlier that day and had not been seen since. A voice came from outside the gate and demanded the treasures from the mansion.

Inside the mansion was a series of doors. The doors could be opened by setting the wheels set within them to the proper sequence.
The door with picture wheels opened for Clock, Desk, Bed
The figurine door: man points to cop points to criminal points to man
The number door liked 312 the most… 911, 812, was no good. 311 worked, which was cleverly hidden in a picture on the door.
Inside the final door was a room full of ancient treasures, most of which were broken.

We collected the mystic focus orb and were immediately beset by creeping vines that began to consume the town. Tando bluffed a golden eagle statue into becoming a real giant eagle, and Nevyn attempted to take the orb to Saruna. The eagle became weaker when it got farther from Tando, and Nevyn had to return. An Enemy, Mastema Lypes, the seventh lord of sorrow, came to get the orb from us. The mayor of the town, Lars, told us to challenge him.

The Enemy chose sorrow as his weapon. We all told our tales of sorrow. He said he was the most sorrowful because he came from a green world which had been destroyed. He is now enslaved by Grigaryxes to spread sorrow among worlds forever. Nevyn arrived and told the sorrowful story of his mother. Mastema Lypes agreed that our combined sorrows allowed us to live another day. He disappeared and left nearly everyone in the village dead.

Lars found the only other survivor in the treasure room of the mansion. Tando gave a speech about how brave souls go to Heaven. We could see the souls of the dead around us rise to the gates of Heaven. This seemed to revive the village girl. She said the villages piled in to the mansion to escape the creeping vines, but the vines crept in and poisoned everyone. She and Lars had become fervent believers in Tando’s new religion.

We left the village and returned to Saruna. Standing with her was a mysterious, well-dressed man.



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