Tomb of Helzabad and Beyond

Just how mysterious can mystery get?

With map in hand, our intrepid adventurers decided to find that third marked tomb. Of course the map was pretty old, so it was only good enough to get them in the general area. This resulted in walking up to a little town nestled next to a large lake surrounded by healthy forest. Tando played diplomat and tried to sneak up on the townies by hiding behind a tapestry he’d taken from the second tomb. Flamboyantly colored and perhaps even a little shiny, the tapestry did not aid Tando, and he was threatened at club point by a villager demanding to know his business.

Apparently Tando’s business was as lead of a troop of travelling entertainers! This ruse got everyone a safe night’s rest, and revealed that the town knew of a “Tomb of Rite.” The next day the Tomb of Rite was explored, involving lots of jumping chasms and climbing down wells, which Tando failed at numerous times and received several concussions traversing.

Tseli, consummate performer that she was, had absolutely no problems and led everyone else into a mysterious chamber whose floor resembled a chess grid. The grid had a single safe path across it, with slick and spiky tiles interspersed, and four angry looking statues. Thankfully nothing happened when everyone just crossed.

Past the chamber was a mysterious portal of flame that only Tseli could open that led to a vertical set of chambers with lots of angry critters and mirror traps/puzzles that had to be solved. Ha ha, Nevyn got hurt by almost all of them! What fun. Anyhow everyone eventually got to the top, except Nevyn, and found an angry looking lady and a man floating in a blue light in some sort of lab. More next time!



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