More Fell Beasts Fall at the Hands of Davith

The party moves into the slums of Girsu They are greeted by a procession of demons lead by Tannin Philargyrus (he is a giant human-shaped translucent sack filled with worms, wearing clothing made from treasures interwoven by precious threads, cords, and chains). The party banters with him in attempts of figuring it out. Davith challenges the demon. He proclaims that the challenge will be a contest of value. As the party debates he begins by presenting a goblet which is over 1000 years old and of clearly priceless value.
The party, attempting to rob him of its value, attempts to melt it. He becomes enraged and attacks, sweeping Davith into a grapple. Tando attempts to convince him of random things to no avail. Nevyn crushes the bugs inside of him allowing Davith to breathe. Davith uses the opportunity to take off one of the treasures. Tseli fries all of the little demons and fails to blast off another piece of treasure. The demon attacks Tando and with a little distraction from the party, Tando manages to get knocked unconscious, but not die. Nevyn unbalances the demon allowing Davith to pull out his shovel and begin mining off treasure at a feverish pace. The demon lunges for Tseli who avoids the lunge by smoke-screening the demon. Belimot is coaxed to consume the treasure as it is pried off. Finally, Tseli heats the air around the demon and moltenizes the ground causing the demon to run off in retreat.

The party heals up and begins moving deeper into Girsu and are forced to leave Belimot behind due to crowded building conditions.

They are next greeted by another demon which haughtily addresses them. The party hails him to find he is named Shedim Hypephania. Tando uses a bluff check to attempt to insult his wardrobe which only serves to infuriate the demon causing him to attack the party with a thin rapier. Davith takes point and begins fencing with the demon at a feverish pace. Tando continues to try to insult his wardrobe while Nevyn attempts to pants the demon, both to little effect. Tseli attempts to set the demon’s shirt on fire to some effect, allowing Davith to gain the upper hand for a bit. However, the demon seems to heal its wounds nearly as fast as they are inflicted. Nevyn attempts to remove the demon’s hat, which angers it greatly. In reaction, the demon throws a dagger at Nevyn, which is only narrowly avoided due to Tseli’s flame, Davith’s physical distraction, and Tando’s BS. Nevyn spends a turn healing the wound while Tseli distracts the demon with a smokescreen and Davith continues to duel with him. The next attack is a combination of Tando calling in the eagle to distract the demon while Nevyn attempts to pantz him with TK. The attack is successful enough in distracting him that Davith is able to lop off a foot from the demon greatly weakening him. The party proceeds to cut off all of the other limbs one-by-one, however they continue to grow out of the demon’s pants. While attempting to remove the pants, they bite Nevyn in the arm, attaching with force. The party severs the pants in half and are able to finally vanquish them defeating the sixth lord of Girsu. Davith loots the rapier and the dagger. Tando uses Bluff to heal himself to full.

Tseli: Unscathed
Tando: Unscathed
Davith: Wounded (leg?)
Nevyn: Wounded (thigh)



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