We next met a host of armored demons. We said we were looking for the lieutenants of Girsu, and they led us to their leader. He told us he was the greatest of demons on the planet and seemed very sure of himself. Nevyn seemed very impressed by this demon and was close to becoming one of the demon’s servants. I doubted his greatness though. We challenged the demon and he changed into a terrible dragon! Tando called on his golden eagle to blind the dragon, which worked until the dragon shook it off and melted it. Nevyn changed to his demon form and used his power of telekinesis to hurl me at the dragon’s head. Tsuli turned the stones beneath the dragon to lava, and the dragon finally gave up.

Having defeated this final lieutenant we traveled to the center of the city. There we found many shrines set around the humongous sword with demon priests performing rites nearby. At the center of the shrines there was a wooden door. The demons told us that the lord of Girsu was the only one allowed to go through the door. It was to be used to complete the ceremony to bind the demons to this world. We went through the door to see if we could stop this from happening.

Inside the door was a living tower with a living door. In the door was a much larger hallway with a living portal. In the portal was a shaft filled with floating rocks upon which were bound the forms of many people. We climbed these rocks and found an extremely old-looking Saruna. We couldn’t free her, but she told us that we had disappeared in Girsu long ago. After we left the world began to rot and she was eventually brought here and imprisoned. Tando was able to convince the chains that they weren’t strong enough to hold her and we were able to rescue Saruna. Farther up the shaft we found an older version of Davith bound on a rock. We couldn’t free him either, but I took some of his stuff since I wouldn’t mind.

At the top of the shaft was the flayed corpse of a creature Saruna identified as a magic-eater. She said it must have been feeding on the magic and life force of the prisoners. That would give the creature much power that could be used if the creature were part of a ritual.

Above that chamber was a roof where we encountered a strange creature and a stranger device:

At the center floats a large sphere, colored in swatches of red and blue. Tiny fringes of green can be seen separating the two predominant colors. About the sphere whirl several collections of shapes. A score of cube swirl about the belly of the sphere, with another two positioned stationary above and below the sphere. In larger oval patterns four tetrahedrons can be found moving around the sphere. At the boundaries of the hexagrammatic space circles another smaller sphere, while three dodecahedrons swirl gently in circles spaced unevenly between the two spheres. Between the two spheres a pair of octahedrons travel in opposition.

The creature identified himself as the lord of Girsu. He said he was able to free himself from his demonic servitude to “The Masters”. He had never met these masters in person, but could tell us that they were the ones responsible for enslaving and corrupting many worlds. He did not understand the how the device operated.

We moved about pieces of the device and it seemed to grow unstable. When the shapes were removed some very large versions of the shapes appeared and attacked us with magic. After much trial and error we eventually found it was safe to remove the shapes with the fewest sides first, and only then removing the shapes with the next fewest sides.

As we removed the final shape, the world around us grew black and we found ourselves back at the wooden door to Girsu. The city was changed from when we had left it. The demonic influence was gone, and the demons themselves were returned to their former, non-corrupted forms. Mankind was able to recover from their oppression and eventually fought against the mysterious Masters that had brought them so close to total destruction. But that is a story for another time.



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