Circling Around

Synopsis by Tseli!

We begin to journey back to Saruna and Bath, noticing monster patrols on the way.

We fight a monster patrol led by three froggy demons. One of their shadows seems to wriggle. He dies to fire, and his shadow attacks Davith. Tando tries to bluff a magical attack on the shadow, and to his surprise magic seems to happen, scaring away the shadow (his hands glowed briefly). The patrol dies. Davith keeps a demon head.

We find a device with 4 rings, each with 4 buttons that light up when pressed.
Davith tries: enemy w/ arms crossed, city in a cloud, circle-circle, flame in a sphere
It works! We all teleport to the monastery, though it scatters us all about. We talk to the magic guy who sets up a cage around the circle.

We meet with Saruna and Bath. Saruna asks us to retrieve a magical focus (spherical and shiny) and elemental iron, then charge it up on a leyline at the c-people village. Bath seems…out of it. Thankfully Saruna also gives us hints where to find all of this stuff.

We teleport to the iron mine. We journey into the mine and find a split in the tunnel. We go into the right room and see a large metal device. In the left room is a dwelling with mining tools. Heading down the tunnel we begin to feel faint so we go back.

We burn wood and heat water in the device and go down the tunnel. Now we don’t feel faint. We find a metal cage and some levers. Playing with the levers we release some water and bang some metal together, and then the cage levers begin to work. We descend via the cage (using Nevyn first to test it). We end up in a tunnel with corpses of minotaur demons. In the tunnel is a visage that poses three questions, which Davith answers easily. A small mud-creature rushes up who seems to know Davith, claiming that Davith has been “above too long” and that he “has regressed”. Davith asks for their help getting iron, and they bring some and tunnel back up to the surface.

We teleport again and end up by the enemy city. A group attacks as we run for the circle. Tando gets his arm broken, the demons are convinced that Nevyn is Davith the Demon, and we survive to teleport to the lake village. The village people flip the circle over so the demons can’t teleport through successfully.

We head to the monastery and find demon corpses. The magic guy approaches, who has been studying the demons caught in the cage. He heals Tando’s arm almost but not quite perfectly.

We journey to get the magic focus and end up at a fortress town.

Additional Notes from Davith:
Notes from Invasion Town
The circle:

1st ring – enemies
encased in sphere
crossed arms – picked for no good reason
holding talisman
encased in flame

2nd ring
clouds over city – DANGER! HERE BE ENEMY!
mountain in a cloud – Mine
city in a cloud – monastary
clouds over a river – Saruna’s village

3rd ring
three circles in a triangle
circle connected to a square via parallel lines
circle inside a circle
two circles connected via parallel lines – gate to gate

4th ring
empty sphere
flame in a sphere – magic?
sphere with enemy in it
flame with enemy in it

The shopping list for Saruna’s item to stabilize Bath
Magical Focus, looks like a shiny orb – Village in the West where the river forks
Iron – Square in Eastern Mountains
Charge the iron on a lay-line, at the village of the C-people

A small creature, made seemingly of living rock and mud rushes to embrace Davith,
“Davith, you have returned to us! The mother-bosom of the Earth rejoices that her child returns to her arms. What are these who travel with you? Your earth-heart glows but dully, join us so that it may regain its shine.”



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