Are you asking for a challenge?!

We returned to Saruna who immediately took the iron staff and the charged orb and when to help Bath. When she left, the mysterious man drew a sword and attacked us! We seemed to be transported to an endless room. We attacked him, but only succeeded in harming each other. Tsuli put on her anti-magic bracers and was able to see through the illusion. She burned his feet off and we were able to defeat the monster. It turned out to be Samael, one of the lieutenants of Girsu!

Bath recovered quickly and told us about a plot by the Enemy to establish a more permanent hold on this world. He told us about a way to stop the ritual: Challenge the Enemy leaders!

We decided the transportation circle was probably out of commission at this point, so we began walking to Girsu. Along the way we encountered two great beasts locked in combat. One was a large, red-haired, antlered beast with six legs. The other had blue fur, steel hooves, and an alligator’s jaw. The red beast called for our help and we joined the combat. The blue beast called herself Lilin Akedian, a lieutenant of Girsu. We were able to defeat her by separating her hooves from the ground to keep her from drawing more power.

After the battle the red beast identified himself as Naraneth of the woods. He thanked us and used a gust of wind to send us closer to Girsu. In the distance we could see what appeared to be a familiar, moving mountain. It was indeed Belmont, and after he heard we had defeated Lilin Akedian he agreed to be our war steed and bear us to Girsu. Many Enemies were scattered before his thunderous charge as we approached the city.

Inside the city we were met by another lieutenant calling himself Rahab Gastrimargus. He looked like an enormous hippo, and he chose to face us in an eating challenge. His stomach seemed bottomless, but we were able to outlast him by putting nasty things in his food, giving some food to Belmont, and convincing him he could not go on. After his loss Rahab left Girsu and his servants fled.



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