Answering a ton of questions and not leading everyone by the nose too much

Location: Renaissance Laboratory at top of Tower at end of Third Tomb

Find Sarona, a woman
Davith mentions Bath, Sarona goes crazy
Tells Sarona what happened
Leads Sarona downstairs
Nevyn hides, follows group
Sarona seems surprised about what has happened with her “lair”
Group follows Sarona
Sarona goes magically up shaft, hits head, seems confused about the year
Tries to cast a spell on us, hand gets tangled, tries to bluff

Lead her out of cave, become assaulted by funny colored men
-female human with them
-4 men carrying clubs

Trip them into the flame

Nevyn shifts and tries to attack the female

Knife thrown by Tseli kills beautiful female revealing a hag

Men revealed clearly not to be human

Sarona less condescending toward us, answers questions:

Who is Helzabad? [ she looks over wistfully over at the floating figure], only he realized my secret, and only he gained my love. Our last quarry took him from behind. Konrad would have chopped it in two, Maximul would have seen it coming, but it was just the two of us at the end. I’ve kept what is left of his life in his body, but magic is so terribly weak now, I know not how long I can keep the spell empowered.

What were the Errant Knights?
That’s what the fools called us by their safe little fires with their thick doors barred shut against the night. Some bright young fool named us, thought it made us seem mysterious. Tried to follow us to “see our story for himself.” Ended torn in five pieces and fed to a dark-wurm. To be short, we were monster hunters. You would have only heard about those now. When we were young, especially after the great plague, the land was filled with terrible creatures that preyed on good men and women. Some ate your thoughts, some your body, most ate both. They looked like men, but acted as beasts. We were gathered together by fate, led to mighty, ha, relics to further our cause, and taken by the nose across the kingdom and back slaughtering and slaying for the good of the people. The years rolled by, and the monsters and we both became weaker. Our magics faltered, our relics gleamed less brightly. By the end only the most wily, dangerous, and hidden monsters remained. We picked each other off one by one until it was just Hel and I…

Bath’s voice led the errant knights to do his work killing monsters; Bath’s voice abandoned them.

What’s the story behind the enormous sword in the city?
How big did you say it was? There are certain legends pertaining to such artifacts, indeed there is substantial evidence that the fair city this tower stands in was built on the spot where such a thing was found. It was rumored to be an enormous magical artifact that twisted and drew the lay-lines about it creating a perfect location for magic. The only reason I can conduct my magic at all anymore is that this city sits upon a lay-line, which may well have been brought here by such an artifact. The only such object left in the known world is rumored to lie across the ocean on the barren coast of a small island chain. I know none who have seen it with their own eyes.

What is this tower?
Ah, my tower, a masterpiece… I wish I could say I built it, but no, this tower has always been a part of our kingdom. It was created a thousand years ago by the progenitor of my order. Perhaps the last light in my life in fact. It channels and funnels the remaining wisps of magical force pulsing gently beneath the city and keeps a few marvels of a bygone age alive for another day. This will be the last place of magic in all the world… and I hasten its demise by ever moment I maintain dear Hel…

-When she was little magic was on the decline
-After plague magic got stronger
-Older she got magic got weaker, can only be done in the city now [Girsu]

Magic may be bending time, magic is “extremely” strong at this time/place

Sarona clothes indicate from old time, but well made

Sarona wants us to be her minions, save the world, and show her Bath

Wants to go back to the portal that leads to her tower, didn’t seem to work for Sarona, works for Davith

Sarona appears to be wearing flaming cloak when wearing helm

Sarona disappears when Davith enters tower, tower conversation with Sarona re-happens same way, Sarona gets back up to speed

Takes Sarona to Bath, he seems very confused, refuses to talk to her, she can’t hear him

Bath says she is an older version of what she should be and should leave, bath warns us that “he knows we are coming”, “time is broken”, “Sarona should listen to us”, “time is different from our own”

Bath sends us to the city to scout, we head there

See a big thing, we walk toward it, looks like a living mountain with giant legs

Davith climbs on top, notices mountain is eating boulders

Mountain talks to us, we ask “who are you?”: Belimot

It is a war beast

Comes from far away, from the Enemy – mountain answers a few question then goes on his way

City is in ruins, we meet with a woman on the outskirts in a nearby town

We are confronted by demons demanding tribute, we are half captured, then slaughtered by Davith. Demons wanted tribute of turnips and babies.



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